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Wednesday, 28 February 2018 10:44

February 2018 Healing Service

This month’s service was indeed power packed, and we bless God for it. God’s word was brought to us by the International Director, Pastor Isaac V. Olori. The topic of the sermon was “The Throne of Grace” (Hebrew 4:16).

He defined a throne to mean an elevated place that speaks of a sovereign power and dignity. The throne in this sermon referred to that of the King of kings and Lord of lords according to Psalm 45:6 and Psalm 103:19. He pointed out that, all other kings have their thrones on earth and rule in a particular sphere but God rules everywhere. Describing the throne of God, he referenced Isaiah 66:1, stating that a footstool is usually smaller than a sitting place. If the earth is God’s footstool, we then should picture how His dwelling place, heaven, is like. The throne of God is where God usually manifests His power (Isaiah 6:1-5).

He stated that, an understanding of the sovereignty of God will affect our worship. To buttress this fact, he exemplified the life and prayer of Stephen in Acts 7:56, pointing that Stephen prayed for the forgiveness of his offenders because he experienced and saw God’s glory.  Hence, when we see God’s glory our life would be changed and transformed, so those who give themselves to vengeful prayers are very far from grace because what flows out of the throne of God is grace and mercy.

Motivations to approach the Throne of Grace

    1. We receive rest at the Throne of Grace. As we enter into the throne of God, we enter into rest and cease from our labours. Grace begins to flow to us from the throne of Grace (Hebrews 4:9 - 14).
    2. We have a high priest – Jesus Christ, at the throne of grace. Jesus is the only priest who operates in heaven from the throne of grace and He is our great high priest (Hebrews 4:14). He is sympathetic and understands our infirmities. He does not only feel our pain but is ready to heal. Most of the miracles Christ did in the bible were out compassion. Some of us are still with our problem because we are not agitated to change it by going to the throne of Grace. When we do so, our situations will change because we have the great High Priest, and when heaven raises hand into our situation, hope will be restored to us.
    3. Any Word that proceeds from the throne of God carries power (Ecclesiastics 8:4). If the word meets anything that is dormant, it will transform it, the  word  can  penetrate anywhere. One word from the Lord can change you and your situation.
    4. Everything is open before the throne of grace (Hebrews 4:13). Heaven is monitoring every situation and so nothing can be hidden from God.

Other relevant points from this sermon are as follows:

  1. We must come boldly to the throne of Grace (Hebrews 4:16).
  2. We must be ready to persevere in order to access the throne of Grace (Hebrews 4:11).
  3. To enter into the throne of grace, we must strive in the place of prayer.
  4. When you enter into your rest, even ravens can feed you.
  5. You must persevere in the place of prayer to enter into that rest.

Finally, we have a liberty of access because we have the atoning blood of Jesus.  If that blood has washed you, you can enter boldly into the throne of Grace. However, we must ensure that we have that liberty which is acquired through a relationship.

When we come to God, the blood of Jesus washes us, thus giving us direct access to enter in anytime and any day. Sin is the only barrier that can take that access away, so we must stand against anything that is a hindrance to us having a relationship with God (Psalm 66:18). 

When grace comes, it changes our status just like the prodigal son in Luke 15. Grace began to work for him when he decided to go back to his father.

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Wednesday, 28 February 2018 09:49

Testimonies from February 2018 Healing Service

We heard several wonderful testimonies at the February 2018 Healing Service. One of the testimonies we heard was that of Bro Bob Festus from Rainbow Church whom God blessed financially after he volunteered to be a financial partner in the Ministry’s work. Here is an account of his testimony:

During the economic downtime, I was one of the persons who was downsized from my place of work. For three years and some months, it was like being in the wilderness. I tried several businesses to make ends meet but no financial progress, as things became tough for my family and I. During the January Healing Service, there was a call for Financial Partners and as a Protocol Officer, I was among those sharing the slip for financial partnership. I gave one of the slips to my wife and asked her to complete a certain amount for annual remittance. Unknown to me, she had put that same amount for quarterly remittance and informed me after submitting it. I chose to join my faith with hers and believe that God will provide. It was not long, I got a call from an organization, who claimed to have sought for me for a long time to carry out a project for them. I was told to submit a proposal, which I did. To God’s glory, in two weeks’ time, I got a call from them that I had been awarded the contract. I can now pay much more than I vowed and take good care of my family comfortably. To God be the glory.

Pastor Innocent Wigodo also testified how God gave his son a miracle admission. For three years, his son had been seeking admission into higher institution. He took the JAMB examination and had a good score but was not given admission. We tried to reach several people in the higher institution and they all confirmed that nothing could be done to change the situation. We then went ahead to pay for the forthcoming JAMB examination so he could take the exam again. During the January 2018 Healing Service, while the International  Director, Pastor Isaac V. Olori prayed, he prophesied that there would be a miraculous admission, and to the glory of God, a week later, I got a call from a staff of the school that he had been granted the admission.

To God be all the glory.

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Friday, 16 February 2018 12:30

Dedication of Churches in Bayelsa State

It was a glorious occasion in Bayelsa State as three church auditoriums were dedicated to God’s glory. The International Director, Pastor Isaac V. Olori was present to carry out this task on 2nd February 2018. He dedicated the Etegwe Church, Okutukutu Church 2 and Akenpai Church.

Pastor Isaac Olori admonished and encouraged members of the different churches. Reading from 2 Samuel 7, he challenged the brethren towards building for God. He explained that after David had fought and won wars, he built a house for himself of cedar, which is quite expensive. However, a time came, that David realized that he lived in a house of cedar but the ark of God was within tents. This made David uncomfortable and burdened.

Pastor Isaac V. Olori admonished every individual to have a burden in their hearts for God. He said, we must have a dream for God just as we have big dreams for ourselves. We might accomplish our own dreams, but will leave it here on earth one day. The dreams we have for God however, would inflate into eternity.

Other excerpts from his sermon:

The prophet Nathan gave David a go-ahead but God appeared unto him and made some statements. God was pleased with the fact that David thought about Him and His house even without Him complaining or requesting for a temple. Due to this deep love and proactive thinking for God, God promised to build a house that was not made with hands for David. That was how the promise of David’s lineage seating on the throne came to be and that is why up till today people refer to the throne of David.

God stopped David from building a house for Him because David had fought so many wars and his hands were stained with blood. That's another mystery, it means you cannot build for God with stained hands. Everyone that must be of service in the house of God, must have “clean” hands. Thank God today, we have the blood of Jesus, even if your hands are stained, that blood can wash and cleanse you.

Do you know today when you have opportunity to do something like this (build a church), you have done what David could not do. Today we have the opportunity to build for God.  May we never miss that opportunity because when you build for God, you are building a heritage not only for yourself but for eternity.

David gathered the materials and Solomon, his son, built the temple. During the dedication of the temple, (1 Kings 8), the glory of the Lord came upon the temple. Solomon prayed that anybody who came into the temple and called upon God, God would answer. Even if you prayed and looked towards that temple, God would answer. God fulfilled Solomon’s prayer. The temple is the house of the Lord, a dedicated place, a devoted place, when you come in with a burden and pray, God will take away the burden and answer your prayer.

Finally, he challenged the church by saying, “You've built a physical church and it's beautiful. There is a second stage which is to build a spiritual church. There is another work to do and it is to fill the Church that is, the spiritual building.  That would make God happier. The church is meant to be a place to gather souls, so everyone of you especially those who were not opportune to buy a block, you can get a spiritual block, get a soul and the soul will be part of the spiritual Church.”


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Wednesday, 07 February 2018 09:06

Testimonies from January 2018 Healing Service

We had several testimonies at the January 2018 Healing Service. To begin is the testimony of Sis. Victory Simeon from Sand-field Church 2 Borikiri, who had been experiencing pain at the right side of her breast since October 2017 but was miraculously healed at the visit of God’s servant, the International Director, Pastor Isaac Olori. He visited her local assembly the first Sunday of the month of January and during the prayer session, God healed her of this pain while he prayed for the sick. The second testimony was that of Bro. Emmanuel Pepple from 52 Hospital Road Church, who narrated how he constantly suffered from typhoid and malaria. To God’s glory, he was baptized the previous Sunday during a program in his local church and was given the communion. Having prayed over the bread and wine and eaten it, he felt an urge in his stomach and thought he had defecated on himself. He went back home to check himself only to discover that a big worm had come out of his body and he was set free. Dr. Ali Hassan from Kogi church, testified of God’s sustenance, as she celebrated God’s deliverance from Islam for thirty years.

Finally, Dr. Nwaekare Dubo from Mile 1 church, testified how God delivered his entire family from the hands of a wicked family member. Here is his testimony.

“In 2012, a cousin of mine asked me for funds to proceed with WAEC registration and I was glad and obliged him by asking for the required amount. He refused to tell me the stipulated amount but kept requesting that I give him some money. I got angry at this instant and requested that he gets the WAEC pay slip, so I would have an idea of what was needed. I realized that he never came back. In 2014, I traveled and returned in 2015, when my elder brother began narrating the evil intentions of my second cousin.

This cousin of mine, had gone to a juju priest somewhere in the east, where he had requested to be the financial pillar of the family, and he was told to get funds from someone who he believed was the brightest and promising in the family, but to the glory of God, this was not possible, since I did not give him the money he requested for. He later took my photograph, upon their request but to God be the glory, the juju priest looked at my picture and refused to do anything. He told my cousin that, the reason I could not be harmed was because of my mother, so to get to me, she must be killed, so her picture was requested for. He obliged them and took a snapshot of the picture my mother took during her ordination as an Elder with our founding father, Apostle G.D Numbere, with the intention that he would edit the Apostle out of the image but he forgot. To God’s glory, immediately he got there with the picture and the face of Apostle G.D Numbere was seen, there was chaos in the whole place. Attention shifted from my mother to the Apostle, and the juju priests and those there left their shrine and ran away.

He was hence told to leave my family alone and look for someone else whom he loved, and he picked his mother. He was given a loaf of bread to give to his mum, with the instruction that, she must eat the bread before 2pm. Unfortunately when he got home and gave the beverages he had purchased including the bread to his mum she was partaking in a fasting programme that was to end by 6pm and refused to break her fast. He pressed on her consistently to eat the bread but she declined. He travelled back that day to Port Harcourt but kept calling her to eat the bread but she refused. When it was past the time given to him and his mom had not eaten the bread, he lost his senses. Luckily some persons brought him back to the village, Boodo in Khana LGA where he confessed his deeds and was delivered"


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Wednesday, 07 February 2018 07:44

January 2018 Healing Service

This month, we were blessed greatly. From the inception of service till finish, the presence of God was so mighty that words are not enough to describe it. However, we will proceed to recount some great and wonderful moments in service. To begin is the testimony of Sis. Victory Simeon from Sand-field Church 2 Borikiri, who had been experiencing pain at the right side of her breast since October 2017 but was miraculously healed at the visit of God’s servant, the International Director, Pastor Isaac Olori.  The second testimony was that of Bro. Emmanuel Pepple from 52 Hospital Road Church, who narrated how he constantly suffered from typhoid and malaria. To God’s glory, he was healed after the communion service during a program in his local church. Dr. Ali Hassan from Kogi church, testified of God’s sustenance, as she celebrated God’s deliverance from Islam for thirty years. Finally, Dr. Nwaekare Dubo from Mile 1 church, testified how God delivered his entire family from the hands of a wicked family member. For details of the testimonies please click here

God’s word was brought to us by the International Director, Pastor Isaac V. Olori. The title of the sermon was “The Power of Dwelling in God’s Secret Place”, while Psalm 91 was the main text. Introducing his sermon, God’s servant stated that God had a secret place and only those who were intimate with Him, were qualified to enter. He further stated that one of the things that will take us inside God’s inner chamber is devoted prayers according to Matthew 6:6.

He illustrated the dwelling place of the Lord using the tabernacle in the Old Testament, which was classified as:

  1. The Outer Court
  2. Holy Place
  3. Holy of Holies

The Outer Court was characterised thus:

  • It is possible to hear the voice of God when He speaks from the Holy of holies but the manifestation of His presence cannot be felt.
  • It is impossible to know the deep things of God and experience God’s presence.
  • The outer court in the Old Testament was dominated by those who came for sacrifices of sin, transgressions etc.
  • The outer court was filled with so much needs from people as well as prayer requests.
  • Those who fall into sin go to the Outer Court to renew their consecration.
  • The Outer Court was symbolic of the world and everything outside the presence of God.
  • At the Outer Court, one cannot know the depth and mysteries of God.
  • The altar in the Outer Court was brazen – made of bronze not gold.

The following are a few characteristics of the Holy Place:

  • The Holy place is a step above the Outer place but not the Holy of holies.
  • When we are cleansed from our sins at the outer place, we can enter the Holy place

The Holy of holies has the following characteristics

  • Everything here is made of gold
  • Usually entered into, once in a year in the Old Testament.
  • There you find the ark that represents God’s presence as well as the mercy seat.
  • One’s commitment must be real to enter the holy of holies
  • In the holy of holies, there is no sacrifice
  • When you enter into the secret place, there is abundant supply of one’s need (John 8:12). 
  • You get to a point of relationship where Jesus becomes your intercessor
  • There are chariots that cover the mercy seat signifying the Shekinah glory. So when you enter there, it is symbolic of what you will experience – glory.

He further explained that, to access the Holy of holies, we must embark on a serious mission of prayer. This mission will however, receive obstacles but we must not deter or quickly summarise our prayer before entering into God’s presence. The Holy of holies is not for casual people as everything that has a good result has a condition. Using Luke 2:36-38 as a reference, he pointed that Anna’s prayer was serving the need of the kingdom.


Explaining the relevance of “Shadow” in Psalm 91:2, he stated that a shadow serves as a shield, a covering from danger or a defense from assault or injury. Hence, the shadow here was not one that man could provide. He also said that there is a relationship between a shadow and the person projecting the shadow, and so, for the Almighty (which means boundless sufficiency) who is unlimited in might, then His shadow will be the same as He is. The Almighty indeed is a way maker and is boundless in might. Whenever He introduces Himself as Almighty then it means He wants to do something - Genesis 17:1.

Other relevant points from this sermon includes:

  • When you dwell in the shadow of the Lord, you will testify... “I will say of the Lord…”
  • In Acts, Peter’s shadow cured sicknesses of people, talk more of the shadow of the Lord.
  • For a shadow to be over you, you must be close to the source -that is the person projecting the shadow.
  • If you are not born again, you are outside the gate.
  • Sin keeps people outside the gate.
  • Enjoying benefits from God does not make you born again.
  • If God provides Himself as our shadow, it means there are dangers that are coming that man and the efforts of man cannot handle.

Finally, we must realize that the enemy is constantly attacking us but God will cover us (Isaiah 25:4). So to stay in His shadow, we must be fully committed to the Lord by staying away from sin. 

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