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The family of the Administrator General, Pst and Evang (Mrs) R. C Nwokocha, thanked God for His deliverance from a ghastly motor accident which took place on their way to the 2018 June Healing Service. Recounting their testimony, Pst R.C Nwokocha said thus,

“We thank God for His faithfulness and deliverance from a fatal accident. Last healing service, the enemy came against our family but God intervened and prevailed for us. As we drove along the International Airport road, close to where we were to make a U-turn before getting to the Temple’s entrance, I looked from my rear mirror and saw two buses racing behind us. The Security flagged us to stop for an on-coming vehicle to pass. Suddenly, as I stopped, we heard a big bang behind us. It was like a dream, but it was real! We were hit by a bus on high speed from behind. The rear part of the car was severely damaged, the car windscreen was shattered but as God would have it, the broken glasses did not injure anyone except one of my daughters (Chinwe) who was affected by the impact on the vehicle and passed out. We managed to lift her out of the car, laid her on floor by the road side and started praying; after a while, God intervened and she regained consciousness. The bus that hit us somersaulted twice. It had passengers onboard and many bled profusely. God saved me, my wife and two daughters. About a week before the incident, God revealed to my wife what was to happen and as a family, we fasted and prayed about it, and God took control of the situations beforehand. My daughter (Chinwe) was later taken to a hospital for medical examinations and scan; the Doctor confirmed that there was no internal injury. To God be the glory, for all He has done.”

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July Healing Service was another wonderful time in God’s presence.

God’s word was brought to us by Pst Apele Iyagba. The title of the sermon was “The voice of mercy” (Titus 3:5). God’s servant started off by defining mercy as ‘kindness towards a person, especially an enemy’. He mentioned that while studying, he realized that the word ‘MERCY’ occurs 277 times in the bible, while the word ‘MERCIES’ occurs 44 times.

He said that David is an example of someone in the bible who experienced the mercy of God (2 Samuel 24:14) and proclaimed the mercies of God (Psalm 119:156). He further stated that God shows mercy in multitudes (Nehemiah 9:17; Psalm 51:1)

He also emphasized that God is rich in mercy, thus He has more than enough to give to everyone (Ephesians 2:4); and the mercy of God lasts, there’s no restrain, and it has no limit (Psalm 136).

More so, he stated some ways in which one could be positioned for God’s mercy. They include:

  • Having the fear of God, keeping God’s commandments and loving him. (Exodus 20:6; Luke 1:50; Psalm 103:17-18)
  • Learning to show mercy to others (Luke 6:35)
  • Forgiving and forgetting the wrong doings of others (Matt 18:25-27; Psalm 2:10).
  • Confessing and forsaking your sins (Proverbs 28:13; Psalm 51:1).
  • Being humble (Luke 18 :10 -14; James 4:6-10)
  • Trusting the Lord

In conclusion, he stressed that when mercy is involved in a situation, judgement is laid aside (James 2:13) when the mercy of God is either asked or cried for (Mark 10:46-52).  


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A 3-day zonal children conference was held from Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th August 2018 at all zonal headquarters of GEWC. The theme of the conference was “Children Of Prayer And The Word”.

The first day of the conference started with registration of children from different churches in the zone. The program was packed with various teachings, bible study sessions, benefits of ICT and Social Media, Workshop on baking of cake, personal hygiene, etc.

The topic for bible study 1 was “living by prayer” which was anchored by the various teachers. On the second day of the conference, the children learnt the benefits of ICT and Social Media , the children also learnt how to bake cake.

They also learnt about “Personal Hygiene And House Keeping”. Personal Hygiene was defined as the proper taking care of your body personally and also caring for yourself. How we care for the body includes: bathing properly, brushing teeth in the morning and night, applying body cream and deodorant, etc.

The program came to a climax on Sunday with a Thanksgiving service. The children were asked questions about the conference which they answered rightly. Other interesting activities were bible challenge, special song rendition and children choir rendition. The topic for the sermon was “Children of Prayer and the Word”. The text was taken from Luke 2: 42-52 and Deuteronomy 6:6-7, excerpts from the sermon are:

A child is a person who has parents (father and mother) and prayer as the act of communicating to God in secret and openly while the Word is God talking to us. Bible is God’s letter to man, woman and children.

The benefits of Children of prayer and the word as:

  1. They grow in wisdom (Daniel 9: 2-3).
  2. They are obedient to parents (Luke 2:51).
  3. God will always be there to save and deliver them from trouble.
  4. You will have favour with God and man (Daniel 6:14; 18-23).
  5. The word will keep you away from sin (Psalm 119:11).
  6. God will be closer to you (Genesis 39:21).
  7. When we speak the word of God miracles take place (Matthew 8:18).

The conference was a very huge success, as the children had an exciting time in God’s presence.


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The GEWC National Youth Conference, which comes up every three years was held this year in Rivers State, Port Harcourt at Model Girls’ Secondary School, Rumueme. It had its main theme as “Giving Ourselves to Prayer and the Ministry of the Word”. This year’s event marked the ninth of its kind and it was a four-day event that began from 9th to 12th August, 2018. The prestigious event attracted participants from all over Nigeria.

The conference uniquely featured a variety of Teachings, Talks, Seminars, Bible Studies, Power Night Prayers, Variety Night, Football Match and General Elections of new Officers of the National Fellowship.

 Some of the key Guest ministers who featured were: the International Director of GEWC, Pastor Isaac V. Olori; the Chief Missions Coordinator, Evangelist Victor Ejimadu; the National Youth Minister, Evangelist Mike Ojie; Evangelist Prince Nkiri, Pastor Rufus Godwin, the Conference Chairman; Evangelist Lawrence Hart, Evangelist Goodman,  Dr. Komi Gentle, Pastor Chidi Ozodo, Evangelist Messiah, Pastor Ivifiwol Lamech, Pastor Tunde Fowel, Dr. Daata Cookey, to mention but a few. 

Dr. Komi Gentle did a book review on ‘Catch the fish and keep it alive’.

Evangelist Goodman took a seminar on entrepreneurship excepts from his teachings are:

Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching, running and assuming the risk of a business operation with the expectation of making profit. The people who create these businesses are called entrepreneurs.

Business: A venture established for providing a product or service to meet the demands of consumer.

It is important to point out that, there is a difference between an Entrepreneur and a Businessman. The key difference is that an Entrepreneur is a person who conceives a unique (new) idea or concept to start an enterprise and brings it into reality. He creates a new market while a Businessman, is someone who sets up a business with an existing idea, offering products and services to the customer. He creates place in existing market

Now, whether you desire to be an entrepreneur or businessman, it all starts from your mind. There is a saying that “the success or failure of any undertaking is primarily determined by what you think about it”. Meaning, your mindset is very important if you must succeed as an entrepreneur and excel in business. Your mind can paralyze or energize you. For this reason, it’s important we first deal with our minds.

One important thing to consider; What is your purpose in life? Why where you born? Someone once said, “Life is a tragedy if you were born and you do not know why”

As you work hard and labor, do not forget to watch out for the vultures. The business world has the dynamics of the jungle. There are those who live by hunting and killing, and there are vast numbers of creatures (hyenas, vultures) who live on the hunting of others. The hard work of others becomes their work and nourishment.

The Chinese have a saying ‘The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and the next best time is today. You and I may have wasted yesterday, may be wasting today but let us not waste tomorrow.

Evangelist Lawrence Hart taught on Leadership and Accountability excerpts from his teaching are:

According to Dee Hock, no matter how well designed an organization is, it is only as good as the people who live and work in it.  What determines the organization’s performance is the approach to management its leaders take.  In determining what makes a good leader, first look for integrity; second, motivation; third, capacity; fourth, understanding; fifth, knowledge; and lastly, experience.

Without integrity, motivation is dangerous; without motivation, capacity is impotent; without capacity, understanding is limited; without understanding, knowledge is meaningless; without knowledge, experience is blind.  Experience is easy to provide and quickly put to good use by people with all the other qualities.

There are at least two different approaches to leadership. The most common is the idea of leading by dictate and power. The other, the example of Christ, is to lead by serving. One emphasizes measurable results, the other emphasizes people. One says "only the strong survive" the other says, "the strong have the most to give." One spotlights personal rights, the other emphasizes personal responsibility. One resorts to intimidation and power plays, the other works through love.

This is not just about leadership, it's about life. Every day we are asked to make decisions. Every day we must decide how to handle the various situations that come our way. In each decision we choose one of these two approaches, to do it God's way or the world's.

The Chairman of the conference, Pastor Rufus Godwin in his talk highlighted 6 things every young person in Christ should manifest (1 Timothy 4:12):

  1. Be careful of your words even in anger.
  2. Your conversation should be pure.
  3. Show love.
  4. Have and manifest faith.
  5. Manifest the spirit of God.
  6. Purity: be holy in all that you do.

The climax of the event was the last day when the International Director, Pastor Isaac V. Olori ministered on the topic: “Investing your Youthful Age”. He admonished the youths to develop and unleash their potentials (Jeremiah 1:4-10, 1 John 2:14). Excerpts from his teaching:

God expects great things from the youth as the youths are very precious to God. To get the right perspective of life you should see life through the word of God. God has a plan and purpose for your formation in the womb. Your ability to connect with what God wants you to be will bring out the real you and help you to fulfil your purpose and mission on earth. If you do not conform to the mould of Christ, you will conform to the mould of the world (1 Timothy 4:12, Joel 2: 18).

Do not despise your youth, do not look at yourself too little for God to use. Your condition today is not important, what matters is what God wants to make you. God knows that you are strong, do not belittle yourself and call yourself weak, do not look down on your capability (1 John 2:14).

Your youthful age is the most critical and essential part of your life (both for the world and for the Church) Do not mismanage your youth, invest on the right things that will add value to your life.

How you can get the best out of youthful age

  1. Let God do the sending, it is not in man to direct himself (Jeremiah 1:4).
  2. God has to be the commander-in-chief of your life, do not be in control of your life.
  3. Let God touch you, God can only touch you when you are ready. You will see a transformation in every area of your life. Invest in God’s word and prayers (Jeremiah 1:9).
  4. Take time to build your faith, protect it, cherish it, value it (Jude 20, 21).

Let your capacity increase, do not think small. Think big. Take charge, build and plant.

Pastor Isaac V. Olori inaugurated the newly elected executives of the National Youth Fellowship and blessed the youths afterwards.

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The 2018 Missions Bootcamp organised by Evangelist Victor N. Ejimadu, the Chief Missions Coordinator of Greater Evangelism World Crusade and his team was held on 30th June, 2018 and 7th July 2018 in Rivers State and Bayelsa State respectively.

Evanglist Victor Ejimadu, Evangelist Mike Ojie the National Youth Minister, Church Pastors, Ministers and Elders were present. There was great moments of praise and worship, break out sessions on discipleship, Pastor Achese Amadi of Rainbow Town Church ministered on the topic “Pastoring the Community”, Evangelist Victor Ejimadu ministered on the topic “The Missional Supremacy of the Great Commission” and “the Holy Spirit”.

Evang. Victor Ejiamdu in his message (The Missional Supremacy of the Great Commission) said, Jesus began the Great Commission with the words, “All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth” (Matthew 28:18-20). The issuance of this Commission is contextualized by the supreme authority of Jesus Christ in heaven and on earth. It comes from the highest possible authority. No authority can overrule it; no other authority can modify or change it. To fulfil the Great Commission is to obey the authority with which it was given and to fail to fulfil the Great Commission, intentionally (by disobedience) or unintentionally (by neglect) is to disobey the authority with which it was given. Clearly, this has serious significance for the Church!

The Great Commission has been historically and universally accepted as the most comprehensive statement in the Scriptures concerning the mission of the church. The question is, “Do you agree that it is?” Do you believe it is as relevant today as it was in the days in which He spoke it to the eleven?

If we really believe the Great Commission is the highest mission given to the church by our Lord and Saviour and if we believe, it is not an option but a command, then, we must commit ourselves to know it, understand it, own it, preach it, live it and above all do it. Anything else dishonours it and the One who gave it.

“Any church that is not seriously involved in helping fulfil the Great Commission has forfeited its biblical right to exist.” (Oswald J. Smith).

The Missional Supremacy of the Great Commission means it is:

  1. The most important mission of the Church.
  2. The highest missional priority of the Church.
  3. The defining visionary statement of the Church.
  4. The supreme directive under which the Church exists and operates.
  5. The job description of every Christian.

The missional supremacy of the Great Commission means it is not another program, method, strategy, formula or idea to add to your ministry; it is what God is doing right now.

The Apostolic Nature of the Great Commission

Jesus gave the Great Commission “to the apostles whom He has chosen” (Acts 1:2); an Apostle is one who has been sent, a delegate, a messenger. The first command in the Great Commission is “GO” (Matthew 18:19), GO is an apostolic action. Apostles are those who not only go but those who go on a specific mission, Apostles are defined by their mission. The Great Commission is a mission! The word Commission means “the act of communicating or giving a charge; an authoritative order or direction; authority granted for a particular action or function”.

There are two distinctive threads in a commission that makes it more than a plan, idea, strategy or goal. These to threads elevate a commission in significance and power. They are its authority and its specificity (what it says and means).

As we have seen, the authority in which the great commission was given is the highest authority in heaven (the spiritual realm) and earth (the natural realm). When Jesus issued the Great Commission to His disciples He was sending them to complete the specific task of making disciples of all nations. This is an apostolic (missionary) work. While not all disciples are apostles, all disciples are called to participate in an apostolic work because all are sent to the nations in some way, even if they never go to another nation themselves.

We can understand the Great Commission like this:

  1. Make Disciples: Make is a verb, the main action, a disciple is a follower. He is one who has dedicated his life to follow his master. To make disciples is to make followers of Christ.
  2. Go: It means bring people to Christ. “Go and make” not “come and see”. Go means that we are to do the work of evangelism. To make Disciples of Christ, we must bring that person to Christ to be forgiven and cleansed from his sins.
  3. Baptize: Bring them into the church. The Jewish communal context for baptism originally mean that it was required for conversion into the Jewish community. The word “baptize” tells us what we are to do after we have brought them to Jesus. Baptism brings them into the redemptive community of the Church. The implication is that the new believer can best follow Jesus as disciples from the context of their relationship with the church.
  4. Teach to observe: Bring them to spiritual maturity marked by obedience. We must bring disciples under the lordship of Christ. Jesus said we are to teach his disciples to “observe” (or obey) everything He has commanded us. However, the commands of Christ are not just rules to observe, they are a way of life.


We can translate this formula in the following way:



Four Areas Christians Have Not Made Disciples

  1. Christians have reduced discipleship to an academic process- a series of Bible lessons or curriculum to be studied and learned rather than a fully committed kingdom life in the Holy Spirit.
  2. As Christianity has become more institutionalized in its form, so also discipleship has become more institutionalised.
  3. Consumerism has become a leading social force of our day and is the opposite of sacrificial discipleship.
  4. Many Christians and Churches no longer experience the fullness of the Holy Spirit, reducing Him to the role of a theological assumption rather than an indwelling teacher.

   The Power of Multiplication

If the population of China walked past you in a line single file, the line would never end because of the multiplying birth rate! Applying the power multiplication to discipleship, we can see the huge potential. If 1 person wins 1 soul per day for 1 year, we will have 365 disciples in a year. If each of those souls, win 1 soul per day for another year, we will have 730 disciples in 2 years. If this continues, in 10 years, just 1 person would have directly or indirectly won 3,650 souls for Christ. “He who does the work is not as profitable as he who multiplies the doers.” (John R. Mott)

It is clear that God has given us one thing to do – to make disciples of all the nations. My job is to make disciples! Your job is to make disciples! Our job is to make disciples! In Matthew 24:14, Jesus told His disciples “the end will come” when the Great Commission has been accomplished.

Lives were blessed as the Holy Spirit touched the people, individuals were enlightened and spurred for the evangelistic work.

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Wednesday, 08 August 2018 14:39

Testimonies From June 2018 Healing Service

During this service, we heard very outstanding testimonies of God’s faithfulness from two of our brethren, Bro Biobele and Pastor Samuel.

Bro Biobele testified how God delivered his son from death as a result of stray bullet that pierced through his skull. He recounted how they (he and his son) had gone to the market last year to purchase some items and while doing so his son screamed “my head! My head! And later collapsed. He was immediately rushed to Braithwaite Memorial Hospital (BMH) where he was revived. According to Bro Biobele, “the doctor prescribed lots of drugs for us, which I hadn’t money to purchase but God miraculously favoured me before the pharmacist who gave me the drugs I needed for my son with the little money (N450) I had. We were later referred to University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH) for further treatment and diagnosis. At University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH) we were told to go for an x-ray, which we did, and the x-ray revealed that a bullet had pierced through my son’s skull but didn’t touch his brain. According to the Doctor, the bullet had settled in a safe place. To the glory of God, it’s been one year since that incidence and my son is still alive”.

Pastor Samuel and his wife testified how God restored their landed property and delivered them from a possible fire accident that would have occurred as a result of putting fuel into the stove instead of kerosene. Pastor Samuel recounted how after the sermon in the March Healing service, he was inspired in his spirit to reclaim his property. He narrated how he had bought a land but could not sign the agreement papers due to the death of the land owner. According to Pastor Samuel, “The Daughter of the landlord refused to allow us into the land. I brought the case to the notice of the Police, but she continued to encroach into our property. During the service in March, I prayed earnestly and declared possession of my land, and to the glory of God, we have our land back and we have started farming without any disturbance. Also, our second testimony recounts God’s deliverance from fire outbreak. My wife purchased kerosene for cooking, unknown to her that the seller gave her fuel. She poured it into the stove and began using it to cook. In a short while, the kerosene seller ran into our house and called out to my wife that it was fuel and not kerosene. God helped us and we put off the stove without any outbreak. thanks to God”.

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This month’s service marked our 37th anniversary for the healing service. The power of God was so mighty in service that it was evident through the salvation of many, healing and deliverances.

God’s word was brought to us through His servant, Evangelist Victor N. Ejimadu, the Chief Missions Coordinator of the Ministry. The title of the sermon was Healing Service: A convocation of miracles. The main text for the sermon was taken from Jeremiah 32:17-29 and Isaiah 45:19.

Introducing his topic, he gave a brief history of how the healing service began. He stated that God gave our founding father, Apostle G.D Numbere an instruction 37 years ago to start the healing service, and since then, God has proved Himself mighty during these services over the years. He defined Miracle to mean an event which is unexplainable. He also said that an occurrence of a miraculous event is often undeniable, and aims to glorify God and not gain human attention or popularity, hence, any miracle that does not bring glory to Jesus Christ is not of God.

Highlights of the sermon include the following:

1. Phrases used to represent Miracle:

       a. Signs: Meaning an evidence of divine commission and attestation of divine message(Matthew 16:1-4).

       b. Wonders: Meaning an event that produces astonishment to the beholder.

       c. Mighty works: “Dunamis” (Romans 15:19).

       d. Works of God

2. Characteristics of Miracles

       a. Miracles speak for themselves: An example of this is in John 9 where Jesus opened the eyes of the blind man. The conspicuous nature of such miracle does not require anyone to defend the fact that it happened, because it speaks for itself.

       b. Miracles are unexplainable: God’s miracles are often beyond human explanations. If we can explain why and how it happened then it is not a miracle.

       c. Miracles are often undeniable.

       d. Miracles authenticate and validate the Gospel.

       e. Miracles confirm the calling and message of God.

       f. Miracle is an act of grace (John 9:35).

       g. Miracles bring God’s love and mercy to humans. However, we need to reciprocate same by surrendering our lives to Him (Matt. 11:28-29).

       h. Miracles bring Joy

       i. Miracles can be connected to individuals, families, communities, nations, etc.

       j. Miracles are done through His vessels (flesh and blood) - Acts 10:3.

       k. Miracles can happen as a result of answers to prayers (Gen. 18:42-45, James 5:17-18).

       l. Miracles come by the power of the Word.

       m. Miracles happen when we worship and praise God sincerely from our hearts (Ps. 22:3). When God appears, anything can happen, e.g “Paul and Silas”.

       n. Miracles follow when we go out for missions.

       o. Miracles happen when we exercise faith in God (Mk 11:22-23).

       p. Miracles happen in the name of Jesus (Phil 2:9). Every challenge we experience has a name and such must bow to the higher name (Jesus).

Other points worthy of note include;

1. God can use anybody or anything to perform miracle at any time, but that does not necessarily authenticate the salvation of the miracle performer (John 9:35).

2. There are satanic and counterfeit miracles, the essence of which are to get monetary rewards. For example, the practice of mandatory sowing of seed. Miracles should be free. The beneficiary does not need to make compulsory payment in return.

3. Miracles of riches are for reaching out. Anytime God brings a miracle, He requires a corresponding response towards His work.

4. We must not be afraid of what the enemy wishes to do because God’s mighty hand is well able to deliver us (Luke.1:74-75).

5. There is no level you have got into in sin that God cannot reach-out to you.

In John 4:1-20, the woman in question was completely lost in sins, but her encounter with Jesus changed her story and she became born-again. She gave up her immoral life and became an Evangelist for God. In conclusion, God is able to do exceedingly abundantly of all that we could ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). It is our capacity to receive miracles but it is in God’s ability to release same as much as needful. Also, the most important miracle any man can have is the salvation of his soul, hence we all must strive for this great miracle.

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