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Seven (7) Years On Featured

15 Oct 2021
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The death of a saint brings pleasure to God for "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints". Therefore, I do not fear death. – Apostle G. D. Numbere.

Exactly 7 years ago, Apostle Geoffrey D. Numbere answered another call, the call to glory! As we remember, we celebrate the gift, the missionary and the icon who gave up all, pursued the vision of lost souls, and fulfilled his mission.

We celebrate a great man, a trail blazer, a lover of God, a man who feared no man except God, a man who was dogged preaching one thing: Jesus Christ and Him crucified. We celebrate a man who loved his wife, his children and grandchildren. We celebrate a man who loved God and His people passionately. Your words still echo and will forever echo in our hearts.

In memory of his legacy, we bring to you Family Devotional Series. Everyday at 5am, Apostle Numbere’s home would start the day with devotion. These devotions were special. In sequential order, they studied the Bible from Genesis to Revelation several times. After his children shared lessons learned, Apostle Numbere would expound those scriptures. For the first time, from his archives, we share with you  some of these precious moments on YouTube @gewconline. 

Rest on Servant of Christ, until we meet to part no more!

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