Friday, 08 September 2023

In commemoration of the 51st Anniversary of Greater Evangelism World Crusade, Jubilee Voices, the mass choir of GEWC releases new single, "GEWC Old School Medley 2.

It is a medley of some choruses that were sung from the past and through the 51 years of the Ministry. Happy 51st Anniversary, GEWC! Featuring are: Happiness Francis, Daniel Osuwa and Barivure Love.


Download music here: 




Owa o Bari zaa, Barizaa

Oma Barizaa  (4x)

(Sing the goodness of the Lord)



I am going higher, yes I am, I am going higher someday

I am going higher, yes I am, going with Jesus to stay

I am going above the shadows, into the presence of God

Into the presence of Jesus, I am going higher someday


I am going higher some day (going higher)

I am going higher some day



Only Jesus can save, Only Jesus can save, Halleluyah!



Come nearer, come and see the Lord, Come and see the Lord!



Ag ma turu Chineke

(I will give God all the glory)

 Mma ma Onye we anyi Imela

(He who owns us, thank you)



Za gai Za gai Me kpo ta lo zor eh

(Tread on him, the devil is defeated)




Hosanna de ne nwi David

(Hosanna to the Son of David)




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