The 2017 March Healing Service was filled with God’s awesome presence and anointing. We heard great testimonies of God’s deliverance of our brethren. One of these testimonies was from Pst. David Kinanee and family, whom God delivered from Python attack. Believing the declaration of God’s servant in the February healing service on God’s protection over our lives. Four days after this service, his family discovered a huge python at home. Since it was dark, his wife and two of his kids had been at home, gone about their chores without realizing there was a python at the door post. It was his third child who thinking it to be a wrap of cloth was at the verge of picking it up, but felt restrained. She decided to beam a torchlight on this strange cloth, only to discover it was a python positioned to strike. At this discovery, she called out to her father who killed the snake. Interestingly, he was questioned by members of the community who said the python was the god of their land. To God be the glory, no one was hurt. Another great testimony was that of Bro. Victor Ekwa, whom God delivered from the habit of smoking (marijuana). The final testimony was that of Pst. (Prof) Apele Iyagba and family whom God delivered from a terrible train accident. On the 25th of February, himself, his wife and son were returning from a funeral and collided with a moving train. There was no sign or notice to indicate a train was in motion. Upon collision, their bumper got hooked on the moving train and would have been dragged along the rail tracks but God intervened. He gave their son (the driver) wisdom and he put the car in reverse gear. This completely disengaged the car from the moving train and the entire family was delivered from a catastrophic incident that would have claimed all their lives.

God’s Word brought to us by the International Director, Pastor Isaac V. Olori, was tagged “Go, Dip Yourself Seven Times” (2 Kings 5:1-17). The subject of the lesson was Naaman, who despite the position he occupied, was a leper. Describing the personality of Naaman, he stated that the prowess of Naaman made him preferred by the people of Syria, as they looked beyond his predicament and endowed him with a high level of authority. This position however could not serve as a covering for his ailment. Comparing the situation of Naaman to sin, he stressed that no situation or sin of ours can be hidden from God. We must realize that just as leprosy, sin overshadows every other possession of a person. Inner purification should therefore be paramount in the life of a man.

Pastor Isaac Olori also analyzed the character of the slave girl, who took her master’s condition with great concern and acted on it. He stated that though the slave girl was a captive physically, she was not a captive spiritually, as she believed in the power of her God and what He could do. She did not let the captivity she was in, make her disbelieve her God. Her attitude was in contrast to the king of Judah, who receiving the letter from the king of Syria became upset and afraid, despite his rank.

Furthermore, he was keen to mention that when God brings forth His Word, we must receive it, believe it and obey it. Total obedience of God’s Word determines if we receive our miracle or not because whatever we do not have regard for cannot bring blessing to us. He also pointed that sometimes, the hindrance between our miracle and us, is the way we think.

Analyzing the importance of Elisha’s instruction, he highlighted the following;

  • The healing received by Naaman was not as a result of washing in River Jordan (the element) but in his obedience to God’s Word. This implies that receiving a miracle from God is not dependent on the element used but in the Word of God.
  • Most times, God’s Word is difficult to explain, understand or analyse but total obedience is key to receiving the benefits (Isaiah 1:19).
  • Receiving a miracle from God largely depends on our humility, because a lot of people have shielded themselves from the power of God because of pride. Except we humble ourselves, we cannot get the grace of God.

Furthermore, he stated the following as major learning points from the sermon:

  • While it is good to receive gifts as a servant of God, it should not serve as a criteria to carry out one’s ministerial duties. Naaman thought he could give gifts in exchange for the miracle he had received but this gift was rejected by Elisha because the blessings of God cannot be purchased for money. Jesus was a true example, he never received gifts for the miracles he performed.
  • It is expedient that we connect to God by faith and not through elements, as discipleship teaches men to put their faith in God and not in elements.

Finally, leprosy in the Old Testament signified spiritual defilement and this is the same significance sin has. Until we dip and cleanse ourselves in the blood of Jesus, we remain unclean. Sin in its entirety defiles, deforms, destroys a man, hence, we must maintain a complete relationship with God and surrender all to Him.


This was the first healing service for the year 2017 and God honoured us with His awesome presence. Also, we heard testimonies of salvation from a group of cultist from Bera, who openly declared their faith in God and affirmed continuity in kingdom activities. See more details here.

The message by the International Director was titled “The Power of Spiritual Desire” (Matthew 5:6). Introducing the topic, he stated that approaching life without any desire is a sign post to failure, as seeking for anything is a product of desire. He also said that, the capacity to search for anything comes when there is a desire. Furthermore, the sermon exposed a vacuum in the heart of every man and the efforts we put in, geared towards filling that vacuum– as declared by Prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 55:1-3). This vaccum is, however, not physical and cannot be bought by money (Jeremiah 2:13). Nevertheless, some believe that having physical possessions can bring satisfaction or fill that void, not knowing that even acquisition of these wealth could increase sorrow. It is necessary to note that, God sees it as evil, when individuals forsake Him to find satisfaction elsewhere.

The sermon also revealed that spiritual desire can launch one into God’s purpose for their life, but for this to take place, our spirit needs to be alive. Being hungry or thirsty is a sign of life (Matthew 6:33) thus having no craving for righteousness, implies that our spirit is either sick or dead. As water and food is to the body, so is righteousness to the spiritual body.

To fulfil God’s purpose for our life, we must seek God first. This is possible when we become part of His kingdom. Kingdom here refers to the rule and reign of Jesus Christ in our personal life. It also refers to salvation, which requires you to live according to the directives of Christ by submitting to His Lordship. Anyone who does not recognize Him as Lord over their life, is not qualified to be part of His kingdom. Another relevant part of seeking the kingdom is spreading the gospel of the kingdom through soul winning and discipleship.