*/ A Man and A Vision (A Biography of Apostle Geoffrey D. Numbere)



A Man and A Vision (A Biography of Apostle Geoffrey D. Numbere)

04 Nov 2020
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Frontier Missions involve the pioneering work of taking the gospel to people who have never heard it. Those who lead such work have to possess special endowments from God that would enable them to cope with this special task. These gifts often appear early, growing in manifestation over time. A Man And A Vision vividly illustrates this in the case of the old Rivers State and in the person of its pioneer missionary, Geoffrey Dabibi Numbere. Despite the fact that initial missionary work had taken place in the Niger Delta over a century before, that work all but stopped after the ministry of Samuel Ajayi Crowther. Many of the peoples of the old Rivers State were, to all intents and purposes, still unreached by the early 1970s.

Just as the Lord found in Saul a special man for the work of reaching the Gentile world of his times so did He find in Geoffrey a special vessel for the latter day work of reaching the Niger Delta. In each of these cases, the man was specifically prepared for the task.

A Man And A Vision vividly portrays an interesting variation in contemporary Nigerian missions. New missionaries were trained on the job right on the field. This strategy is more faithful to the New Testament and, as the story of Greater Evangelism clearly shows, has proved truly successful.


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