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It is Possible - March 2022 Healing Service Featured

05 Apr 2022
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With God nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible. The 2022 March healing service was packed and accompanied with great power and the glory of God was seen in full. Praises of joy flowed from the brethren as we worshiped God in songs.

We heard several testimonies from our brethren. Bro. Kingsley testified of God’s miraculous intervention. He stated that he has been married for eight years without a child and God miraculously gave him one. Mr. Confidence of Bayelsa State testified how he had been oppressed in his dreams for a while. During the Divine Visitation Crusade, held in Bayelsa, while passing through the crusade venue, a word of knowledge came from the International Director, that the oppression in the dream was over. He heard the word, received it and that was the end of his oppression. He has been able to sleep well since then. Barrister Jessica West testified that her son was almost lifeless. He was taken to several hospitals, given oxygen and medication to no avail. To the glory of God, during the same Crusade in Bayelsa, the Word of God came through God’s servant, declaring life to a breathless child and God restored his life. Glory to God!

We received the word of God through the National minister of Greater Evangelism World Crusade, Ghana and Benin republic Missions, Evangelist Princewill Nkiri. He spoke on the topic, “It is possible” (Luke 1:26-38). Elaborating on the story of the divine visitation of Mary (the mother of Jesus), he said that despite the “despised status” of Nazareth, that was where Jesus our Lord came from (John 1:46). This is because God is not concerned about your status but uses the foolish things to confound the wise. He described the word ‘possible’ as capable of being done. Sometimes situations and opinions can make us believe certain things are impossible. Despite this, we must remember that with God all things are possible. All we need is Jesus in our lives.

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