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Discovering True Rest – August 2022 Healing Service Featured

22 Aug 2022
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The August healing service of the Greater Evangelism World Crusade was filled to its peak with the awesome power of God and with praises from the hearts of grateful believers.

We heard testimonies of God’s awesomeness. Sis. Happiness Eyor testified of how God healed her of severe heart palpitations after the October healing service. Sis. Happiness Henry also testified of how God also healed her of terrible pains in her stomach, during the Port Harcourt Divine Visitation Crusade. Sis. Dennis testified of how God miraculously gifted her with a baby after complications from an accident. Our God is indeed wonderful.

We received the glorious word of God, this time from the Chief Missions Coordinator, Evangelist Victor Ejimadu. He spoke on the theme Discovering true rest ( Matthew 11:25-30). He described rest as a state where one is free from labor, hardship, struggle, stress, where one is able to recover strength and has peace of mind and spirit. He went on to say that in life, there can be struggles and hurdles but there should also be a time of rest.

Taking further insight from our main text, Evangelist. Victor Ejimadu said that the only way we can have rest is to come to Jesus, He is the one and ultimate source of rest. He explained that many people mistake coming to church but not coming to Jesus. Coming to church does not guarantee rest but coming to Jesus does.

Other highlights from the sermon are:

There are two dimensions of rest and ways to achieve them

  1. Rest given by Jesus (Matthew 11:28). This is rest given once one becomes born again. At the stage, we receive the love of God and find rest. We enter into a relationship with God and He saves us from destruction. Morality does not save and do not count when we have not received Jesus. 
  2. Rest found by us in Jesus ( Matthew 11:29). This is rest we receive as we go into learning of Jesus. The amplified bible calls it walking and working with At this stage, we show our love for God, and also receive responsibility for service. A combination of relationship and responsibility for service takes us into higher rest.

 This dimension of rest is achievable by:

  1. Dedication in our relationship with him
  2. Hunger for God (Matthew 5:6)
  3. Intentional study of God’s word
  4. Seeking the face of God (Exodus 33:13, Philippians 3:10)

In conclusion he said, deeper knowledge of God should be desired by believers, and this knowledge gives us boldness (Acts 4:13, Daniel 11:32, Mark 13:14). Are you need of rest? Are you tired? Are you frustrated? Only Jesus can give you rest. Come to him today.

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