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21 Jun 2020
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 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. (Isaiah 40:31)

“Waiting on the Lord” entails much more than praying and fasting. Waiting involves trusting the Lord in times of challenges, as difficulties and trials tend to wear-out our physical and spiritual strength. These difficulties cause us to be weary and discouraged. Waiting simply means to trust Him fully with our lives – surrendering completely to Him, knowing that He is able to handle every issue that concerns us. This implies we look to the Lord with expectation, because we see Him as our source of grace and hope. According to Psalm 121:1-2, we depend on the Lord when we wait on Him.

The eagle is a bird whose way of life properly illustrates the benefits of waiting, as highlighted in Isaiah 40:31. It is observed that the eagle has the ability, as well as the secret to surmounting pressure and soaring to greater heights. Its body is designed to maximize the power of the air to soar upwards rather than come downward. As it depends on the unseen force of the air to enable it soar high, God wants us to depend on His unseen power – the power of the Holy Spirit – which has the ability to help us overcome challenges and turn things around for us.

Still analyzing the strength of the Eagle, it is worthy to note that, the mountains – which naturally, are obstacles for the eagle in its flight - generates a force that can take the eagle to greater heights and help it maximize its potentials. Hence, God expects us to see the obstacles around us as a medium to soar because obstacles can generate grace that can take us to a higher ground, but this is determined by our outlook toward these obstacles.

Another point to be considered while waiting on the Lord is in Colossians 3:2 This is Focus. In waiting on the lord, our focus determines the level of strength we draw. When our focus is on earthly things, it would be difficult to attract God’s strength that comes with waiting on Him, but when we look upwards to Him, grace is released without measure.


The power of waiting on the Lord

  1. You will not be ashamed - Psalm 25:3-5. Everyone who waits on the Lord is never put to shame. On the contrary, those who would/should be ashamed, are those who transgress against the Lord. Also, in waiting on the Lord, He will show you what to do that will bring a difference in your life.
  2. Your heart will be strengthened - Psalm 27:14. You must work on your courage. It is within your power to determine what rules your heart. The answer you are looking for concerning that situation or difficulty starts from your heart, hence he advised that we wait upon the Lord for direction.
  3. The presence of the Lord will be with you at all times and your expectation will not be cut short - Luke 2:25-27; 36-38. These scriptures show a record of two people who waited upon the Lord, Simeon and Anna. Simeon was described as a just man who remained devout and committed, waiting faithfully for the promise of God – the Child Jesus. He was not deterred and as he waited, God brought His promise to pass. It is pertinent to point out that, while others were gathered, celebrating the birth of a child, both Simeon and Anna knew that Jesus was not just an ordinary child. Age was not a deterrent to these two - they trusted and waited on the Lord.
  4. You will receive a visitation and be blessed- Psalm 40:1-4. Everyone who waits upon the Lord gets a visitation. May God reach out to you and hear your cry.


The following are additional blessings that accrue to those who wait on the Lord

  1. The strength of God will revive them.
  2. They receive the ability to rise above their difficulties. All we need is, to be focused. In difficulties, our strength is made manifest.
  3. They receive the ability to run spiritually without being worn out and to work steadily without fainting.
  4. Although some get discouraged waiting on the Lord due to unfulfilled dreams, those who wait on Him will have a daily renewal of strength.
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