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GEWC Gbagada Church opens in Lagos City, Nigeria Featured

28 Sep 2016
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A new chapter began in Lagos State as Greater Evangelism World Crusade opened another branch in Lagos. This time, in the heart of the metropolitan city of Lagos, located at No. 10b Ajayi Aina Street, Gbagada. The International Director, Pastor Isaac Olori was there personally to inaugurate the GEWC Gbagada Church.

Admonishing Pastor Isaac Olori said, every good thing starts small and he believes in identifying with small beginnings so that one can be qualified to identify when it gets big. For the new GEWC Gbagada Church, the important thing is that God is here, and not the size of the Church. He iterated that it had always been our desire as a Ministry to get into Lagos city and to God’s glory, it was now a reality. Significantly, this was happening as the Ministry celebrates 44 years of serving God. He highlighted his 44th Anniversary Message: The Vision Lives On (read here), saying God was reminding us that even though we are 44 years, there is still more land to be possessed.

Speaking on, he said the multitudes that our founding father, Apostle G. D. Numbere saw is still possible to be accomplished, and as a true vision, it will outlive its visioner. He therefore, advised everyone to own the vision, which is a heavenly heritage.

Declaring the Church open, he spoke on Christ being the builder of the Church (Matthew 16:13 – 15). Some excerpts below:

“The way you see Jesus, will determine how you will relate with Him and the grace that will be released on your life. That is why answering the question “Who is Jesus?” is important and it requires a personal answer. That is why it is important to for everyone to desire a personal revelation of Jesus that can keep you.

Every Church is meant to be built on truth which is the Word of God and any Church not built on the truth will not take you to heaven. That’s why we say in GEWC, we do not teach people how to make money but how to make heaven. Unfortunately, today, all we hear from the pulpit are motivation, business seminars and not how they will reconcile their soul to God. By the grace of God, we will show you the path to heaven.

The Church is a Church with authority, a Church that will declare the mandate of heaven. I pray you join that Church today and when you make yourself available, God will build you. The Church is a workshop where men are prepared by God. God’s workshop has been opened in this vicinity and if you want God to transform your life, then come. God is here and He is the builder."

Brethren from other GEWC Lagos State branches were present including Pastor Festus Ediae (Vice Chairman, GEWC Board of Trustees) and Pastor & Pastor Mrs. Manga (State Minister, Lagos State).

It was a glorious moment, as this landmark event came to an end with prayers of thanksgiving to God.

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