*/ Pastor Isaac Olori visits GEWC GRA Church, Port Harcourt



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Pastor Isaac Olori visits GEWC GRA Church, Port Harcourt Featured

07 Oct 2016
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The International Director, Pastor Isaac Olori paid an unscheduled visit to GEWC GRA church on the 2nd of October, 2016. GEWC GRA Church is located at No 3 Greater Evangelism Close, Off Ezimbu Crescent, GRA Phase 4, Port Harcourt.

He did an inspection of the work on the structure of the church building that is on-going after which he joined the vibrant GRA Church for service.

Pastor Isaac Olori encouraged the church from the scriptures, Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

He said that, one of the graces we receive as Christians is the grace that God empowers us to do what ordinarily we cannot do on our own. Unfortunately today, people are not interested in God strengthening them, they are not committed to receive strength from God. A lot of persons do not read their bibles again, they do not spend time to pray neither are they ready to live in obedience to the word of God.

He challenged them as individuals to learn to draw strength from God by having a personal relationship and communion with Him. If that is done, there would be nothing they cannot do; no mountain would be difficult to climb and no height that cannot be reached because they have been equipped and strengthened by God.

Speaking on, Pastor Isaac Olori encouraged them not to be discouraged by the present economic situation because God can still strengthen them during this economic recession; but then this can only be done if they allow God to strengthen their spirits first.

He told them that, the starting point to being strengthened by God is to first surrender their lives to Jesus Christ; after that the heavens will be open to them and the strength of God can enter their lives.

Finally, the International Director led 2 persons to Christ while he also prayed that, as the Lord strengthens the GRA Church, He would also enable them finish the construction of the Church building and bring more people to enjoy Gods strength and blessings.