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GEWC Rukpokwu Church 2, Rivers State dedicated to God Featured

23 Nov 2016
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Sometime in February 2008, Pastor S. Kpoora, a minister in Greater Evangelism World Crusade and his family moved into their personal house in Rumuelinwo-Rukpokwu Community. One evening, on his way from work, he had a ministration to “Open a church here”. Pastor Kpoora recognized the invisible voice as the voice of the Lord. He shared the experience with his wife Pastor (Mrs.) Kpoora who believed in him and bought into the vision to open a church for the Lord in that area. That was the “manger” birth of Greater Evangelism World Crusade Rukpokwu Church 2 in Obio South Zone.

The brethren at Obio South Zone intensified efforts on soul winning and making disciples both at local and zonal level campaigns, to grow the Church and today the church has grown both spiritually and numerically.  

Sunday, 6th November 2016 was another landmark as an auditorium was dedicated to God’s glory by the International Director, Pastor Isaac Olori.

The International Director expressed his gratitude to God, he appreciated God for the life of Pastor Kpoora and his wife, members of the Obio South Zone and the Rukpokwu Church 2 brethren. He acknowledged the fact that God reserved a choice land for the church. He encouraged everyone present by telling them that as they relocate to different places, individuals should establish Greater Evangelism World Crusade, to reach out to the souls present in those places.

Pastor Isaac Olori spoke on the topic: Building a Spiritual House (Ephesians 2:19-22, 1 Peter 2:1-7). The International Director in his message said the height of a building is determined by the foundation and for every spiritual building, Jesus Christ is the foundation and corner stone. There are so many individuals working but because the foundation of their works is not on Jesus Christ, they are marked for demolition.

He encouraged everyone to build their lives upon the principles of the word of God. The Christian should be a lively stone i.e. to be full of life, events and activity. God is raising men and women that will be on fire for him and he encouraged everyone to position themselves and be available for use by God.

Furthermore he said, there is a place for everyone in the body of Christ and the world at large. The reason there is a lot of strive amongst brethren in the house of God today is because individuals have not allowed themselves to go through the refining process God allows his children to go through. Using the analogy of a beautiful wooden pulpit, the wood in its original form was just a raw material but it was willing to go through the process of sharpening, cutting, painting, furnishing and more, before it became the strong and beautiful pulpit which costs more and is even more valuable when compared to its raw state. Submission is part of the processing of God.

In conclusion, the purpose of the Spiritual Building is to offer spiritual sacrifices for the habitation of God. Therefore we ought to become a place where the glory of God can be seen.

The International Director led the Senior Ministers and everyone present in prayers as he dedicated the Church to God, and also gave opportunity to individuals who wanted to surrender their lives to God. An award was given to Pastor Kpora and his wife as a form of appreciation as they obeyed and yielded to the leadership of the Holy Spirit to pioneer the building of the Church in Rumuelinwo-Rukpokwu Community.






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