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11 May 2021
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Once I Was Blind, but Now I Can See,

Once I Was Bound, but Now I Am Free,

That‘s How I Know There Is a Saviour for Me

Oh, Such A Saviour!


The above song, one of Geoffrey’s favourites, is a summary of what God did in his life on Sunday 11th May 1969.

That unforgettable Sunday, 11th May, 1969 was like any other Sunday. There was no meteor or rainbow in the sky to suggest that any strange or important event was going to take place that day. Geoffrey Dabibi Numbere, a second year Geology student in the University of Ife, Ibadan Campus, was like any other young student on Campus. He was completely and totally oblivious that God had His eye on him and that even the names he bore were like a stamp on him on his future.

Sunday, 11th May 1969, God decided that the time had come for Him to act. That Sunday, Geoffrey Numbere, the ardent Church-goer, must go to Church, but first he must write a letter to one of his girlfriends in Lagos. He had intended to mail it on Monday morning but it was so important to him to write her before leaving for Church. Glory be to God, events of that day saw to it that that letter never got mailed. He picked up his Bible and with a friend, left for Church service at the University Chapel. That Bible was a stolen one; it was looted by a relative of his during the Nigerian Civil War.

As he entered the Church he never knew that God was “waiting” for him right there. He entered the Church a wretched sinner but he came out a born- again child of God, cleansed and washed in the Blood of His dear Son, Jesus Christ.

Culled from “A Man & A Vision” (Biography of Apostle Geoffrey D. Numbere) by Pastor Nonyem E. Numbere

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