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Pastor Isaac Olori interacts with the Youths of GEWC

02 Jun 2016
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The Youth they say, are the leaders of tomorrow, the backbone of any organization. Hence, neglecting them, is to neglect the future.

This is not the case, as the International Director, Pastor Isaac Olori has been having several interactive sessions with the Youths of GEWC in various capacity.

Some of these sessions are:

  1. Youth Summit (Bayelsa State) held 30th April 2016 at Swali Church
  2. Youth Summit (Rivers State) and
  3. The Campus Crusades Associates’ Forum.

It was a joyous moment as the youths had a wonderful time out with the International Director, Pastor Isaac Olori. There was time for questions and answers as the Director carefully answered the questions of the young people with so much insight hereby clearing their doubts and encouraging them to serve God better to fulfill destiny and the purpose for which they are part of this great commission.

Pastor Isaac Olori, speaking to them on THE CONTEST FOR YOUR DESTINY (Psalm 11:3) he said, the youthful age is a period of setting critical foundations for your life and future.

Five reasons why the youthful stage is critical:

  1. Prime-time – it’s once in a life time.
  2. It’s a period of making choices.
  3. A time of laying foundation for every aspect of your future life.Marriage, Career, Spiritual life. Laying the foundation of prayer, Study etc.
  4. Time of tremendous strength. A time that all your nerves and instincts seeks for expression. The direction of the energy determines what you will reap. Plowing your energy rightly.
  5. A time of warfare. This is when your pitch your tent on whichever side you choose to battle.

There is a contention for who will own you; God is interested in you, the devil is interested in you and Man is interested in you. Psalm 127:4-5, Ecclesiastes12:1. We must allow God to make maximum use of us. Concluding he said, Godliness is not punishment it is getting the foundation right.

The Campus Crusaders Fellowship is the Students' Fellowship of Greater Evangelism World Crusade on University Campuses. The associates then are those who have graduated from the University but were once part of the Campus Crusaders' Fellowship. With this forum, the International Director encouraged them to continue to support the Campus Crusaders Fellowship, bringing in their wealth of wisdom and experience to ensure it thrives and grows stronger and stronger.

It was an unforgettable experience.








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