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Our New Covenant Right: August 2016 Healing Service Featured

20 Sep 2016
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It was an expression of God’s power and might as healing, deliverance, miracles and salvation were evident in the August Healing Service. Jubilee Voices reminded us that the source of our strength is God, as He gave us peace from all our storms and all we could do was lift our hands in Total Praise to Him. Indeed God’s presence was manifested mightily. 

To recount a few of the testimonies, Sis Juliet from Nkpolu church testified how God troubled the heart of a person who stole money from her apartment, as she forgot to lock her apartment when she left for the last healing service. This fellow was left without peace until he confessed his fault and returned the money. Also, Pst. Ikedichi and family reverenced God for delivering them from death.  First from a road accident which would have claimed the lives of the entire family. In his words, “…the accident was so fatal that it affected several other cars on the road, and I could barely make it out the driver’s seat but none of us was hurt”.  Secondly was the deliverance of one of his sons, who at the last minute, decided not to join a friend’s car. That car was involved in a ghastly accident which claimed the life of one of its passengers.

God’s servant, Pastor Isaac Olori, gave the message “Our New Covenant right” (Mark 7:24-30). He was keen to point out the difference between the Old and the New Covenant, stating that the Old Covenant was made with the Jews and as a result, God had a special relationship with the Jews till date. However, the New Covenant had no disparity between Jews and Gentiles, as it was an open covenant that gave all men access to God, if they confessed Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. This covenant was more special than the old covenant.

To buttress his point, he used the Greek woman from our main text as case study and in his highlights, stated the following points;

1.       The woman knew the exact problem of her child and thus showed utmost concern about this situation.

2.       Though she knew what the problem was, she had no access to the power that could proffer solution to her daughter’s condition because she operated in the Old Covenant.

3.       She was met with several hindrances to her breakthrough, ranging from her status (being a Greek), to Jesus not saying a word to her despite her plea, and having no advocate to intercede on her behalf. However, she did not let these stop her.

4.       She exhibited sincere brokenness, which is a sacrifice God cannot overlook – this was the foundation she laid that brought Jesus’s attention to her. She as well exhibited humility, perseverance and intercession that made her receive her miracle.